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Project Christmas – it’s all about team spirit!

With Santa Claus & Co. on a special tour through Vienna

You are stuck in a mountain of work with your team and haven't had time to think about Christmas yet? Then we invite you to a special kind of teambuilding. Come with us on a humorous tour through the enchanting glow of Vienna during Advent and experience that Christmas is actually nothing more than a typical corporate project. Mary and Joseph become our eager project sponsors, Santa Claus and the Christ Child join the motivated project team. We set out on the trail of Christmas traditions in Vienna and arrive at our project logo: the Christmas tree - what else? The Habsburgs provide the star guest and surprise gift for the project Go Live on December 24, so that all that's left for us to do at the end is to toast our project success - at the festively illuminated Christmas market, of course!

Have you become curious? Then contact us by mail to, we look forward to hearing from you!


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