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Strength through diversity: European teambuilding in Vienna

Blick in die Herrengasse für ein Europa-Teambuilding in Wien

Teambuilding with a European focus: perfect for international teams!

Europe Day, European elections - Vienna is currently in a European mood. And what applies to Europe - strength through diversity - applies even more to international teams in companies! Anyone who not only accepts cultural differences but also integrates them into everyday company life can increase creativity in the team, strengthen communication skills and develop an understanding of different perspectives and working methods. Can Europe perhaps even be used as a topic for teambuilding in international teams? We have a few ideas of what you can experience together in Vienna with a European connection:

1. Different tastes - shared cooking experience:

A great way to experience the cultural diversity of the team is to take a cooking class together. From schnitzel and Sachertorte to culinary journeys across Europe - there are numerous cooking schools in Vienna that offer courses for groups. Such courses not only promote teamwork, but also offer the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas about different culinary traditions in the countries of the team members over a meal afterwards!

2. Experience diversity and Europe in Vienna on a city tour:

Was he in Vienna, Charlemagne or not? What does high-tech at St. Stephen's Cathedral have to do with Europe? And how did Beethoven become the author of the European anthem? Vienna has written European history like almost no other city over the centuries and was not only at the center of events at the famous Congress of Vienna. So where better to discover Europe than on a European city tour through Vienna?

The topic of diversity and inclusion can also be experienced on our city tours. It's not just about different nationalities, but also about the exciting struggle for social participation for women and minorities in Vienna's history!

3. Explore Europe together using multimedia in the “Experience Europe”:

Just a stone's throw away from St. Stephen's Cathedral is the “Experience Europe” exhibition. Here you can explore the entire EU together and interactively. How do the individual institutions interact and what influence does the EU have on the everyday lives of its citizens?

Would you like even more interaction? In a role-playing game, you put yourself in the shoes of a Member of the European Parliament. Together you will discuss, negotiate and vote on EU laws, opening up completely new perspectives for you and your team!

Europe stands for strength through diversity. Take advantage of the current relevance of this topic for your next teambuilding event in Vienna. For international teams in particular, this will ensure a personal experience and increase motivation and cohesion!


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