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Ben Mayer Geschäftsführer Vienna Your Way


Growing up in Southwest Germany, my business studies and career have taken me through half of Europe: from Bamberg in Franconia to Clermont-Ferrand in France to Düsseldorf and Bratislava. When I came to Vienna in 2011, I was immediately captivated by this extraordinary city. Even today, I marvel at the monumental yet detailed architecture of St. Stephen's Cathedral as much as I did on my first day. I am fascinated by the more than 600-year history of the Habsburgs in Vienna and how often the powerful family was on the verge of extinction during that time. As a state-certified tour guide and business consultant, I am eager to share my love of Vienna with you!


My career path first took me in a completely different direction for 13 years. As a project manager in a multinational corporation, I was passionate about developing sales strategies and facilitating company takeovers. During this time, I also immersed myself deeply in other cultures on vacation trips. A morning bike ride through Delhi, India, a salsa class in Havana, Cuba, and a cooking competition in Morocco remain unforgotten. These adventures and, above all, the people I encountered along the way, laid the foundation for guiding visitors from all over the world through Vienna in a personal way.


From manager to Vienna guide - an unusual path?

It makes me your competent "Vienna Manager"! I would be pleased to meet you!

Unterschrift Ben Mayer
Ben Mayer as a guide on a business city tour
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