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Managing Transformation: Project "Neuer Markt" (New Market) in Vienna

The "Neuer Markt" square in the heart of Vienna has recently been given a completely new look. A few years ago, it was still a somewhat better parking lot, but today pedestrians stroll through the square and make use of the restaurants' guest gardens while the cars are parked in a new garage underground.

Such a major change in the cityscape is comparable to transformation projects in companies. Primary goals have to be defined, such as a car-free surface at "Neuer Markt". The requirements of those affected must be taken into account, in this case the desire of local residents for more greenery and seating areas. And, of course, financing must be clarified and legal requirements must be met, for example, the issue of fire department access for the square. Finally, the indispensable buy-in for a major project was tried to be achieved through several citizen surveys.

And whether urban planning or business: a transformation process goes far beyond the end of the project. Even for the "Neuer Markt", there are still various critical voices after completion. Whether a transformation project is really accepted and can ultimately be called a success often only becomes apparent after some time.


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