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Enchanting Easter in Vienna 2024

Ein fröhliches Team umarmt sich während einer Teambuilding Aktivität in Wien

Markets, parks and special city tours - the best things to do in Vienna at Easter

Vienna at Easter is a special experience. The city awakens after the winter, you can enjoy the sun in the street cafés and traditional customs and crafts create a charming atmosphere. We have 3 ideas on how you can best enjoy Vienna at Easter.

1. Enjoy the art and delights of Vienna at the Easter markets

Easter eggs, arts and crafts and tasteful decorations as far as the eye can see. The Easter markets transform Vienna's most beautiful squares into a colorful hustle and bustle and an experience for all the senses. With traditional Easter dishes, culinary delights are not neglected here either. The coziest market is located on Freyung, not far from the famous Café Central. The market in front of Schönbrunn Palace, on the other hand, has the most beautiful atmosphere. Vienna's Easter markets. Vienna’s Easter Markets - (

2. Vienna's parks and gardens are green and blooming

Easter and spring go hand in hand in Vienna. The awakening of nature can be experienced up close, especially in the city's beautiful parks and gardens. The first flowers and trees blooming in all colors transform the well-tended grounds into a real feast for the eyes where you can relax and unwind. An imperial stroll is best enjoyed in the Volksgarten. Those who prefer a more natural setting can enjoy the vastness of the Prater. 7 wonderful Viennese parks. Seven Wonderful Parks in Vienna - (

3. Experience Easter Vienna on an entertaining city tour

Why do we celebrate Easter, what is the Easter bunny all about and what did Empress Sisi and Emperor Franz-Joseph actually do at Easter? During the Easter period, we invite you on a very special city tour. In Vienna's enchanting old town, we discover hidden works of art, get to the bottom of Easter rituals, listen to exciting stories and finally enjoy the Easter market on the Freyung. After this tour, you are guaranteed to be in the Easter spirit! PUBLIC TOUR EASTER | VIENNA YOUR WAY

If you want to enjoy the spring awakening with all your senses and are enthusiastic about Easter traditions, Vienna is the right place for you. History, nature and art make for a very special program!


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